Luxury Car and Home Bonuses

Ever dreamed of driving around in a Mercedes Benz or owning your dream house? Ever thought of how good it would feel to be behind the wheel of a luxurious automobile… that’s paid for by someone else? Well, if you have, Lindhouse wants to make that dream come true. Introducing our Luxury Car and Home Bonuses!

Truly Great Car and Home Incentive Bonuses

Some companies might offer car incentives, but we’re confident in saying that Lindhouse’s Car and Home Incentive is undeniably one of a kind! Here’s just a few of the reasons so many people love the program.

Two Seperate Bonus Plans

The Car and Home Allowance bonuses are separate rewards designed for our top achievers.

Car Bonus: Once an business associate attains a total group volume of  50,000** GV per month they will earn a car bonus of $1000.00.

Home Bonus: Likewise, when an business associate achieves a total group volume of 100,000** GV per month, they will earn a home bonus of $2,500.00.

Earnings will be paid out monthly.

Easily Trackable

Our cutting edge computer systems allow you to easily monitor and track your qualifications and progress towards achieving your bonus goals.

Getting Started With Lindhouse is Easy...

As an Independent Affiliate of Lindhouse, you're in the business of shifting consumers' buying dollars to Lindhouse's healthier options. Thousands are making the shift and you can reap the rewards. You ready?

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