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Consider this… over 2 BILLION cups of coffee are consumed daily. Network Marketing has created over $155 Billion in earnings worldwide. And as for wellness… this industry alone is a Trillion Dollar Industry. By using people’s habits, rather than changing them, we leverage everyday products to create an opportunity of a lifetime. Lindhouse’s products and opportunity allow you to harness some undeniably lucrative megatrends. How would you like to benefit every time your friends, family, and market drink something they already drink… EVERY DAY!? Take a look at Lindhouse’s unique compensation plan and see how you can start benefitting from these trends today.

Millions of dollars are being created within the fairly new industry of "Specialty Coffees", which are simply a gourmet cup of brew. Lindhouse has cornered the Specialty Coffee market with a unique selection of gourmet beverages that are enriched with several documented botanicals that is changing lives everyday.