Lindhouse Compensation Plan

From the day you join Lindhouse as an Affiliate, we consider you a business partner. Your efforts are always met with compensations that are directly proportional and eventually compounding... on a path that starts immediately!

Your Path to Financial Freedom is…




Immediate Earning Options

Average Time to Earn: Days to Weeks

Quite literally, you can begin earning with Lindhouse the very day you join as an affiliate. We’ve created a compensation plan with a host of options for immediate income, allowing you to experience the powerful benefits of your Lindhouse opportunity right away.


The question we always like to ask is... "do you or anyone you know drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, even occasionally?" Typically, 95% of people asked this question answer affirmatively. That's because coffee is such a staple to everyday living for a ton of folks. Due to its popularity, you'll quickly see how easy it is to share Lindhouse's Wonder Coffee with people you know and having them ask you how to buy more! This is a perfect setup for retail sales. As an affiliate of Lindhouse, you're able to purchase our fine products at wholesale price but charge retail prices when you sell it... that means profits for you. Additionally, Lindhouse boasts an amazing set of online retailing tools that make it easy to share with your friends and family, no matter where they live.


When you invite others to share in the benefits of becoming an affiliate with Lindhouse through any of our exciting starter packages, you can get paid a generous Direct Bonus! We call our starter packages "X-Packs", with the "X" meaning "eXperience" because these packages contain the full assortment of our products for consuming, prospecting, and selling. The X-Pack Direct Bonuses range from $30 to $450 on direct recruited members and from $9 to $135 on second level members, depending upon the package your prospect enrolls with. Rewarding you financially for getting healthy and for helping others is what we are all about. We invite you to get started today and get paid right away!

Short-Term Earning Opportunities

Average Time to Earn: 1 Week to 6-Months+


When the description of “Short-Term” earning opportunities is used, it’s referring to the typical length of time required to benefit from these modes of earning. These modes of compensation can take a bit longer than the immediate features of our compensation plan, but are considered to be long-term(residual) in how long you’ll benefit from them.


At the heart of Lindhouse's compensation plan is our Residual Team Commissions or "Matrix Bonus". Simply put, this bonus awards you for building your "matrix organization", which means an organization with three parts, or sides. The parts or sides we're referring to are the left side, middle side and right side. Each affiliate in the business can enroll an unlimited number of prospects into the business, but we've created a leveraged approach to how you structure your team by limiting the affiliates that are directly associated with you in your matrix organization. With a single left team member, a single middle team member and a single right team member directly beneath you, this creates a dynamic where your sponsor (or others above them) can potentially be placing their enrollees into your organization. Each and every enrollment purchase or recurring purchase within your organization generates volume that you can potentially be paid-on. Lindhouse pays up to 44% per week on balanced volumes in your matrix organization, to infinity! It's a truly powerful way to earn a residual income with us.


Lindhouse is pleased to offer the luxury car Bonus, an innovative luxury car program that rewards Lindhouse Affiliates for their success and helps them "live the Lindhouse life". Affiliates who qualify for the luxury car Bonus can earn extra income for the lease or purchase of a Mercedes Benz... or even an exotic car like a Ferrari, Bentley or Lamborghini! Unlike other car programs, Lindhouse's luxury car Bonus allows affiliates beginning at the rank of Diamond to receive $300 to $1,000 towards their lease payments.


Ever dreamed of owning your dream house? Ever thought of how good it would feel to open the door to your own house… that’s paid for by someone else? Well, if you have, Lindhouse wants to make that dream come true. Lindhouse's home Bonus allows affiliates beginning at the rank of Diamond to receive $300 to $2,500 towards their lease payments.


Affiliates reaching the commendable rank of Diamond are inducted into our Master Club and sent on a weekend getaway somewhere in the world to rub shoulders and learn from our proven leadership team. This intimately immersive training has one goal in mind... getting our Diamonds to that next tier in leadership and financial freedom. We call this Diamond level. The training has been applauded as undeniably the motivation and know-how that has catapulted so many of our emerging leaders to that coveted rank of Diamond. In addition to the knowledge you gain at Master Club, there's a healthy amount of socializing and experiencing one another on a more casual and light-hearted side. Corporate executives along with numerous senior-ranking field leaders are there, at your disposal... to learn from, and truly get to know on a personal level.

Long-Term Earning Incentives

Average Time to Earn: 6-Months+


As your business continues to grow and you achieve the higher levels within our compensation plan, the benefits you receive also naturally grow. The rewards as a leader with Lindhouse are expansive and where the beauty of this business come into full form.


Starting at the rank of Diamond, your earning potential greatly compounds with our Master Bonus. This bonus awards you deep payout on the team you develop through personal enrollment. The Master Bonus is beneficial to you because what your personal enrollment team earns through their Residual Team Matrix Commissions equates to additional payout to you! A floating percentage match on your team's payout is awarded to you each and every week on each and every Matrix Commission your eligible team members' receive.


The cornerstone to Lindhouse's success and the success of its affiliates are our leaders reaching Diamond. For this reason, we've created an exclusive perk called our Diamond Club. The Diamond Club is nothing more than Lindhouse's way of showing our gratitude for your accomplishments. Upon induction into the Diamond Club, you'll be sent on a trip to an exotic location, and Lindhouse will pick up the expense. Yes, a free trip to beaches and locations all across the globe is how we welcome affiliates into the "Diamond Life"... only with Lindhouse!

Getting Started With Lindhouse is Easy...

As an Independent Affiliate of Lindhouse, you're in the business of shifting consumers' buying dollars to Lindhouse's healthier options. Thousands are making the shift and you can reap the rewards. You ready?

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